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by WaterWaif
11 Jun 2016, 15:03
Forum: Motors
Topic: Homemade Penetrating Fluid - the BEST you can use! DIY too
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Homemade Penetrating Fluid - the BEST you can use! DIY too

I used transmission fluid on brake line fittings(wanting to at least save a rear junction) of an old ,many salty winters truck.
Soaked fittings down daily a few days first.
Perhaps my only success with well rusted brake fittings coming un-threaded.
by WaterWaif
11 Jun 2016, 14:58
Forum: Watering Hole
Topic: Now this is funny!
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Now this is funny!

Heh ,heh.

I'd tell em they buy it they can survey it.
Otherwise don't be caught trespassing on or near it.
by WaterWaif
08 Jun 2016, 22:00
Forum: Watering Hole
Topic: Annual Motorcycle trip
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Annual Motorcycle trip

Travel safe!
by WaterWaif
07 Jun 2016, 15:37
Forum: Motors
Topic: Is a new small outboard worth the money?
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Is a new small outboard worth the money?

The "right" used motor would be a better budget stretcher , and with patience one may turn up of a vintage to match your boat. Running below max. horsepower is not always a fun thing. I do that on my smaller boat because money for a higher horsepower new motor was not there at purchase time. While b...
by WaterWaif
05 Jun 2016, 17:42
Forum: Motors
Topic: Help..
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Transom clamps(the top of the arch) are designed to rest on transom far as I know.
Any higher should put the screw pressure at risk of being the higher torque location and break the stock that screws go through, if screws are secure with their high location in the O.P. pics and don't slip before then.
by WaterWaif
01 Jun 2016, 21:26
Forum: Watering Hole
Topic: TinBoats Twitter - Random posts
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TinBoats Twitter - Random posts

fender66 wrote:Better watch your back!
It is Weds. Not Tues. So I missed an appointment.
Let's see....tomorrow will be.......Thurs. Yeah that's it.
What's Thurs. again? :roll:
by WaterWaif
27 May 2016, 21:41
Forum: Trailers
Topic: trailer adjustment
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trailer adjustment

Trailer designs vary enough to make it hard to have a generic approach across the board. Roller trailers/bunkstyle trailers. Supporting your hull is obviously important and some trailer set ups allow you to crank the boat up off most the trailer...not always a good thing... Most possible adjustments...
by WaterWaif
24 May 2016, 22:13
Forum: Trailers
Topic: Trailer Bearing Replacement/Service Instructional Vid
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Trailer Bearing Replacement/Service Instructional Vid

When I did lots of changes in a service department ,I ground an old race down to a slightly smaller diameter than stock size for common ones. A wood block on top of it.. and whack away.
Used a hammer handle/hardwood dowel driven with a hammer to knock them out with.
by WaterWaif
18 May 2016, 12:25
Forum: Boat House
Topic: handicapped rigging
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handicapped rigging

I have decking on the 14 footer. Enough to relax/stretch a kink out, a bit . If your center of gravity would not be jeopardized , a high back well padded seat would help. Adding decking to the front half or less ,would allow legs from knees down to hang over onto floor and make sitting up easier. A ...
by WaterWaif
17 May 2016, 20:48
Forum: Motors
Topic: clamping on a 20hp outboard
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clamping on a 20hp outboard

What you turn to tighten offers a clue to what to use...
Good on having a cable just in case.
Just check your tightness each use before trailering and before launching and no problem should ever arise.
A firm(evenly on each one by alternating) hand tight on the smaller engines suits me just fine.
by WaterWaif
12 May 2016, 22:48
Forum: Motors
Topic: mercury 2 stroke outboard oil mixture question
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mercury 2 stroke outboard oil mixture question

I just wanted to update my engine,I replaced everything except the power head and lower unit gears basically. I did new,coils,wires from coils to plugs,new plugs,I replaced even the bolts holding the coils in as well as the shell that goes over the coils. I replaced lower unit oil and gaskets and d...
by WaterWaif
11 May 2016, 10:29
Forum: Watering Hole
Topic: RIP Zorba
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RIP Zorba

Condolences from here.
Had my boy put down a couple weeks back.
Still fresh in my heart though.

For many ,an unwritten contract shorts humans on any long time spent with canine companions.
Guess that's part of why both parties have long memories.
Savor the good memories.
by WaterWaif
10 May 2016, 21:44
Forum: Jon and V boat Conversions and Modifications
Topic: "A Perfect Tin" - Completed 14' Modification.
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"A Perfect Tin" - Completed 14' Modification.

Lookin fine! I like Sylvan's yet have not owned one. Almost once though....a 16 foot Sea Monster I think it was. You're riding level enough in the last pic just fine too. A motor that is dependable and well known is well worth keeping. I've nearly rowed to try and help my four horse before on long r...
by WaterWaif
10 May 2016, 21:34
Forum: Boat House
Topic: To much deadrise?
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To much deadrise?

So I currently own a 9.9 evinrude with this 12 ft rowboat. I've put a lot of work into the motor and I still can't get over 10mph. There are many videos on youtube of guys getting to 20-25mph with the same motor on 12 ft boats. Here is one such video I've been told that...
by WaterWaif
04 May 2016, 15:25
Forum: Watering Hole
Topic: New Member Introductions!
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New Member Introductions!

Welcome J.T..
Lots to work with there at a good price.