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by B1E9A8U7
25 Aug 2019, 02:18
Forum: Motors
Topic: Suzuki Df15 wont shift.
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Suzuki Df15 wont shift.

Ok bought a used motor from an individual. 2008 Suzuki Df15. Seen video of it running etc lol. Get it home and it won't shift seems to have been stuck in foward and a part broke during shipping. So I replaced the part that attaches the linkage to the shift arm and it wont budge. I thought well maybe...
by B1E9A8U7
21 Aug 2019, 03:01
Forum: Boat House
Topic: Leading Bow shape differences
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Leading Bow shape differences

I have these 2 tin boats, both 14ft, 1is an Eldocraft 1436, the other an Alumacraft 1442.
What is the benefit for the different shapped front as seen here. Im fixing to start building one and wanted to see which one to better start with. Thanks.
by B1E9A8U7
03 Jun 2019, 07:08
Forum: Jon and V boat Conversions and Modifications
Topic: 1436 Eldocraft Transom Repair/mod/upgrade
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1436 Eldocraft Transom Repair/mod/upgrade

I just picked up a 1980 Eldocraft 1436 Jon boat from a coworker. It needs some work but it seems like a stout boat. Had stringer's on 9.5"centers and seems fairly tall sided for a small Jon. Anyway the transom needs replaced. Its completely gone, nothing for a pattern. Looks like it went down approx...