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by freetofish
28 Feb 2014, 22:12
Forum: Watering Hole
Topic: Paperwork ready
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Paperwork ready

good for you... I have been retired 8 years and I am loving every minute of it...The fish aren't to happy I'm "freetofish" but I am.
by freetofish
28 Feb 2014, 22:00
Forum: Watering Hole
Topic: I'm back.
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I'm back.

I have been off this forum for quite some time. New computer and lost the "log in sheet" with all my passwords. It has taken me a long time and the help of several people to resurrect some of my favorite accounts... I'm still using my Alumaweld 1648 which I rebuilt part of...I do love it and hope to...
by freetofish
17 Sep 2013, 21:58
Forum: Fishing Reports
Topic: Kansas Smallies
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Kansas Smallies

What lake are you fishing? I want to go there where ever it is.
by freetofish
17 Sep 2013, 21:38
Forum: Watering Hole
Topic: I'm back
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I'm back

Hi tin boaters... I have been gone for several months. Many assorted reasons but am now back to learn from you all and maybe even add something now and then. It feels good to be back.
by freetofish
18 Feb 2013, 21:58
Forum: Watering Hole
Topic: Wired2Fish and Frabill Giveaway
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Wired2Fish and Frabill Giveaway

it would be sensible to me that since my Birthday is the 26 of Feb. That I should win.... besides I could use a good rain suit and they have the best.
by freetofish
26 Jan 2013, 21:08
Forum: Jon and V boat Conversions and Modifications
Topic: Alumacraft?
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I know its only a guess but it looks a lot like an old boat I used to have.. the brand was Crestliner. I don't really know what brand it is but looks like a good boat.... enjoy
by freetofish
21 Jan 2013, 00:07
Forum: General Jet Boat questions
Topic: New Member on the forum great site!
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New Member on the forum great site!

Welcome aboard riverliquor! I haven't been down to your area for several years but in years past I have caught quite a few walleye right at the old put in in town by the riffle... I know that has changed and am wondering if its still good.... seems like we went above Donaphon several miles on the ea...
by freetofish
20 Jan 2013, 23:57
Forum: Watering Hole
Topic: Porter Cable Pancake Compressor
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Porter Cable Pancake Compressor

my suggestion based on your intended usage, go to Harbor freight and for $39.95 you can get a pretty good small pancake compressor... I use mine for about the same things as you mentioned and its going on 5 years old.... biggest favor you can do any compressor is drain the tank after every use
by freetofish
18 Jan 2013, 21:46
Forum: Boat House
Topic: Help me name my boat.
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Help me name my boat.

The name on my river boat is "float & Hope"
the best boat name I have seen is "Millie's mink coat" I figure his wifes name was millie...
I had a Lowes jon boat for awhile and did so want to put beside Lowe...& behold... names are fun.. good luck with that.
by freetofish
10 Jan 2013, 20:15
Forum: Boat House
Topic: Wow!!! Had to post this
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Wow!!! Had to post this

I can see some guy backing down the boat ramp with this tank and not being able to stop it...This thing is huge
by freetofish
06 Jan 2013, 00:02
Forum: Bait and Tackle
Topic: How do I order minnows?
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How do I order minnows?

OK, here is what you do... find you an older metal minnow bucket... next go to a junk yard and find a fan motor out of a heater from a car or truck... cut the length of the blades down to fit inside the hinged lid of the minnow bucket...If your batteries are easy to get at, run a line to the hot sid...
by freetofish
05 Jan 2013, 23:45
Forum: Watering Hole
Topic: BassAddict's New Theme Song! He is a Truck Man Now
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BassAddict's New Theme Song! He is a Truck Man Now

All they had was a Chevy? Oh well......................Just kiddin.. good looking rig. Enjoy
by freetofish
04 Jan 2013, 23:32
Forum: Sponsors Corner
Topic: Fishing Shows..!!
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Fishing Shows..!!

I was there today and its a great show as usual. lots of different items for sale... good prices on most all items...I also attended the Crappie seminar and found it enjoyable..... Oh yeah I did buy some "stuff" but not to much... Now I want to go fishing.
by freetofish
21 Dec 2012, 21:20
Forum: Watering Hole
Topic: TinBoats Twitter - Random posts
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TinBoats Twitter - Random posts

Oh gosh...... Santa is bringing me a new boat and he is trying it out for me.... Yippiee.....
by freetofish
21 Dec 2012, 21:09
Forum: Watering Hole
Topic: 2 Billion Pixel Image of Everest
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2 Billion Pixel Image of Everest

Please Mr. Custer! I don't wana go!