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by hamar507
08 Dec 2009, 22:34
Forum: Short Stories and Humor
Topic: Chirstmas Lights
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Chirstmas Lights

That is hysterical.
by hamar507
04 Dec 2009, 18:05
Forum: Motors
Topic: trying to get year of Evinrude 6hp
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trying to get year of Evinrude 6hp

Thanks fellas it is a 1976. Having trouble finding the trim plastic/rubber piece that goes around the cowl. Is there a generic peice or material I can use. The motor won't be left on the boat. After each use it is cleaned and placed indoors in my shed. Can a c-channel weather strip be used?
by hamar507
04 Dec 2009, 13:37
Forum: Motors
Topic: trying to get year of Evinrude 6hp
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trying to get year of Evinrude 6hp

Can someone give me an idea of the year of motor picked up. Model number is 6605A and ser# J0001932. Thanks trying to find a seal for the cowl and get the paint codes and decals
by hamar507
03 Dec 2009, 23:41
Forum: Jon and V boat Conversions and Modifications
Topic: Finally getting a new (to me) tin boat, a 1436
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Finally getting a new (to me) tin boat, a 1436

I've followed your progress throughout this modification. Great Job. Do you have a ball park $$ figure of what you have invested in the project? I could not imagine the hours invested. You ended up with something to be proud of though.
by hamar507
02 Dec 2009, 22:28
Forum: Motors
Topic: 1984 johnson 6 hp question
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1984 johnson 6 hp question

I have a 1984 Johnson 6hp and just replaced the impeller and water pump. I am having a serious problem getting the lower unit back on. Everything seems to line up shaft, water tube but it will not come back together. How much force is necessary. I can get it to within an inch or so but as I tighten ...
by hamar507
11 Nov 2009, 13:33
Forum: Fishing Reports
Topic: Crankworms Michigan Fishing Adventures
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Crankworms Michigan Fishing Adventures

That's why I live in Florida. Come down for Tarpon season if you want a fight, you'll be doing it for an hour.
by hamar507
09 Nov 2009, 22:10
Forum: Boat House
Topic: Got off my butt finally......
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Got off my butt finally......

Are you going to put any kind of deck on it? or seats
by hamar507
09 Nov 2009, 21:59
Forum: Motors
Topic: paint guru's
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paint guru's

Not trying to steal or pirate this thread but the title directed to "Paint Guru's" is probably read by the Guru's. How hard is it to paint an outboard? I have a 6hp Johnson and a 6hp Evinrude that both could use some paint. I have checked thru the motors post and there is not a ton of info regarding...
by hamar507
05 Nov 2009, 22:47
Forum: Motors
Topic: briggs and stratton
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briggs and stratton

Does anyone have experience using one in salt water?
by hamar507
28 Oct 2009, 13:59
Forum: Motors
Topic: best type of fuel line
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best type of fuel line

Looking to upgrade the fuel line and primer bulb, right now I have the OMC/JOHNSON type sold at Wal Mart. Not sure of the quality, it came with the Johnson Seahorse when I bought it. Is there a better type fuel line and primer bulb? I use the boat in mostly saltwater. I also need to move the fuel ta...
by hamar507
20 Oct 2009, 21:47
Forum: Boat House
Topic: New Member with 1st Boat - 16' Sea Nymph
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New Member with 1st Boat - 16' Sea Nymph

Good looking boat. I don't really see the dents down the side that you are talking about.
by hamar507
12 Oct 2009, 22:53
Forum: Boat House
Topic: Saltwater Jon boat!
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Saltwater Jon boat!

I am also doing a saltwater jon boat. 12' Polar Kraft. Trying to get my motor up and running and then plan on adding a ttrolling motor. I was told not to use carpet due to the corrosion problem. What part of southwest Fl are you in?
by hamar507
05 Oct 2009, 23:09
Forum: Watering Hole
Topic: Seafoam
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Seafoam is a great product. I have seen it several times in the local Walmart. I would think that the transmission Seafoam would be ok for use in fuel.

Years ago people would use Marvel Mystery oil as a gas additive and it worked fine. It is a little thicker than Seafoam.