Jon boat vs V hull

need recommendation for fishing small lakes

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Jon boat vs V hull

Post by bolton19 » 20 Oct 2019, 17:35

HI, I want to fish two small lakes in my area. I would only be going out in fair weather, not worried about waves of any height. I have previously owned 18 foot bass boats, but want to down size to a 12-14 foot tin boat. Initially I was thinking a 14 foot v bottom, but I would like to be able to move around without rocking too much. So perhaps a 14 foot flat bottom jon boat would be best. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Jon boat vs V hull

Post by maintenanceguy » 20 Oct 2019, 21:24

A flat bottom boat rocks less on flat water. A V-hull boat cuts through waves better. On flat water, I think a flat bottom boat is nicer. If you experience waves, a flat bottom boat will rise and fall more with each wave and beat you up a lot more.

I have a 1232 (12' long, 32" wide at the floor) jon boat that can feel a little tippy with my 12 year old and myself in the boat. He and I are both big for our ages :). But, the boat is fine on flat lakes and ponds. We actually took it out one day with the intention of flipping the boat to see how difficult it would be. We never flipped the boat. We found out that it is more likely to fall out than flip over. Turns out it's not nearly as tippy as we thought.

I've been on a friend's 1648 flat bottom boat. Not tippy at all on flat water. Walking around is very comfortable.

I also have a 1754 modified V (somewhere between v-hull and flat bottom) that we take out on the tidal salt creeks. That boat is rock solid. With 4 of us in the boat fishing or hulling crab pots, it isn't tippy at all. It's also very comfortable on lightly choppy water and cuts through other boat's wakes comfortably.
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Jon boat vs V hull

Post by jasper60103 » 21 Oct 2019, 11:31

mod v ++

I really like my grizzly 1648. Its a mod-v and very stable most of the time. Handles light chop well.
If the water is very choppy, I adjust my speed accordingly.
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Jon boat vs V hull

Post by WV1951 » 07 Nov 2019, 19:25

I've had a 14' semi V Mirrocraft with a floor and now have a 1232 jon. My friend has a 14" Sylvan w/ a floor and a 1448 Tracker. Stability has not been an issue in any of them. The 14' semi V's have the advantage of easily standing while casting and fishing and even moving around some. Both floors were/are not high. The 1232 is strictly sit down and the 1448 can be standing, but only one person at a time, and that is even just a bit tippy if not careful. If you have easy ramp access, a good storage option, and something to pull it with, I would opt for a 14' semi V.

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