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Talk about anything that floats your boat (no pun intended). This is general talk about anything not related to boating/fishing.
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New Member Introductions!

Post by daveintexas »

Hey neighbor! My son and I are both residents of the Dallas area.

BTW I like your avatar, the BL has always been one of my fav JB movies!

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Post by Scoter »

Hey guys; glad I found this forum! I'm 45 years old, teach Middle school in Rowan County, NC. I have had an aluminum boat in my life for as long as I can remember. The first was a 10 foot jonboat with a 5 hp Gamefisher Sears motor, moved from there to a Mirrocraft 14 with a 9.9. Then I got into duck hunting and fishing the Pamlico Sound of NC so in 2008 I bought a SeaArk 2072 hull and trailer. Put a rebuilt Johnson 90 on the back, put a floor and console in myself. It has been a tank and because I didn't buy the package boat with the extended deck and livewells I have about 8 feet of open space in front of the console, and a short 4' front deck. Well, after 11 years of smoking, coughing, choking, and wondering if she would start on below-freezing mornings I finally broke down and bought a 2015 Yamaha f115 fourstroke for her last week. Got it up to 46 mph yesterday at 6200 rpm with my buddy's Yamaha SST 17 pitch prop, though it is most comfortable running 30 or so at 4k rpm.
Still a couple of months of catching redfish, specled trout, and flounder before duck season rolls around again.

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New Member Introductions!


Hello new guy on board. Long time fisherman and retired fishing guide. Cancelled my ticket 2 years ago and left the saltwater arena. Now fish mostly for bass out of my redneck canoe.
Could not be happier avoiding the crowded crazy launch ramps and the peace and quiet of fishing for big bass here in SW Florida. I mainly target smaller ponds/lakes and canals that get minimal fishing pressure. Catch some nice big bass out of the canals that abut my back yard.
The canoe is great for 1 man fishing but leaves a lot to be desired for fishing 2 anglers. I need something more stable to take my 10 year old grandson and/or wife that 2 people can stand up in (or pedestal seats) and safely fish. My life of fishing had previously revolved around large center console fiberglass boats with a myriad of flats and offshore boats in the mix over the years from Guam to Newport RI to Boca Grande FL.
My disclaimer: I know very little about aluminum hull boats and need a lot of help selecting the right setup for my needs. There are a ton of small ponds, lakes and miles of freshwater canals where I live loaded with bass, sunfish, cats, etc. and I would like something trailerable about 14ft capable of using a motor of 10hp or less and set up to comfortably fish 2 people. I'm leaning towards a welded hull and am capable of doing some minor customization but would prefer it ready to roll. I have no need for a live well as I am done with the fishing tournament headaches. I would like to keep the price below 10K if feasible.

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Post by mountainhawk »

Glad to be a part of this forum! I am 35 and just decided to one day start looking for an aluminum boat. I found and picked up a 12' wards sea king for 100 bucks. I am currently brazing the few pin hole leaks and cracks. I decided to up my fishing game by purchasing this boat. I plan on getting this boat lake worthy before my next vacation in September. We will see what the future holds. I live in the san Bernardino mountains in southern California, at 6200 feet elevation. My two closest waters by me are big bear lake, and Silverwood lake. I am glad I have stumbled upon this site for research and reference and who knows what else can come my way! Thanks for accepting me in to this community Jim!
Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance!

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Post by senkosam »

Frank (Senkosam aka Spoonminnow) introducing myself.
70 years old; been fishing and boating most of my life.
Have 3 kids, 6 grandkids.
Post extensively on different fishing forums (,,, etc.)
Own 15' Guman canoe, 11.5' Sear's Jon boat, 10' Lowes V bottom and a 1995 Ranger bass boat (use the 10' the most)
Fish mostly to test lures I make or design in my basement workshop and found many catch any all species.
Smoked a pipe since I was 21.
Digital photography is a must and I post catches and lures used.
Born and lived in NY all my life.
Enlisted in the service in 1970, discharged after 4 years. (luckily orders for Vietnam were canceled at the last moment)
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Post by NVswitch »

New member to this Board

Live and fish the Reno, NV area
Mainly fly fishing
Have had other boats in the past including an aluminum drift boat.
Just purchase a 16’ Grizzly Tracker with 30 hp Merc motor
Looking forward to creating a small fly fishing skiff


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Post by Soriedem »

Finally talked my wife into letting me get my first boat! It's an 87 mirrocraft Troller 16ft.

Currently setup for two people to fish but going to do some work on it to get it setup for my family (2 small kids and 2 adults). It has a 20 HP Envirude, wIth the kids being young, may try to see if I can pull them on a tube and / or skis. Not sure if the motor has enough power but only time will tell.

Current plans are to add two more seats for the kids and clean it up a little. Over the winter / early spring the goal is to get the setup better and maybe even paint it. Will post along the way with whatever I do.

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Post by Pector55 »

Good morning all,

I'm in South Central PA and over the past 12 years I have had quite a few floating fishing platforms to get my son out fishing. We did kayaks at first, then has a 10ft jon, then up to an old Bass Tracker until I finally went up to a small 16ft fishing pontoon.

My son has moved away so I sold my pontoon in favor of getting something that I can run in more of the electric only lakes in my area. I live 10 min away from one. I picked up an old 1989 Alumacraft Lunker LTD (16'5") that had a wooden deck bolted onto it. I am starting a full restore on it to remove the wooden casting decks to lighten the boat and put in some aluminum framed storage. I also want 2 pedestal seats bolted on a floor so that I can take my 85 yr old step dad out for some comfortable fishing. I don't want him sitting up on a casting deck.

I just got started and I'm taking pics. I will do thread on the build as I go.

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Post by eyetech »

Hello from Thunder Bay Ontario
Long timer lurker/reader. Retired (67) and still waiting for the two minute warning.

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Post by Pawatch »

Glad I found this forum,A lot of great reading.
I currently reside in Central Pa. and have 2 boats. A 70's mirror craft 14' semi V, Smokercraft pro mag 16.5'
I'm currently looking for a used Jon boat to fix up just for shallow water fishing. That's how a come across the site.

The first boat I owned was a 12 Jon boat with a 7.5hp Gamefisher motor. Pretty much all my life I have been around boats.
Makes of boats I have owned...Sea Nymph, Glastron, Grumman,Alumacraft,Fisher, Mirror Craft, Smokercraft.

I currently fish rivers & lakes for bass.
The jet Jons are pretty intriguing, I'm sure I will have some questions after I'm done reading :D


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Post by Jim »

Welcome all! Truly appreciate you all joining our growing family.

Thank you so much,
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Post by 81 Mr. Pike »

Hello everyone,
I am from northeast North Dakota I'm 52 and live in a small town named Drayton located right on the banks of The Red River of the North. We are known here for our channel catfishing, hence the town nickname "Catfish Capitol of the North". I fish out of an 81 Lund Mr. Pike powered by a 78 Johnson 55 hp. I enjoy catfishing and walleye fishing in my free time. Lately I have been working on taking out the factory livewell in my boat and trying to put in a larger livewell for fishing catfish tournaments. Glad to be here and I can see from some of the posts that there are a lot of knowledgeable people on this site. If people don't mind I'm going to have a few questions on my livewell project.

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Post by Demos10 »

Hi all. Name is David. 51 years young. Currently reside in Alabama 10 minutes down the road from good ol lake guntersville. Finally got my first boat 2 weeks ago. She is a 92 tracker tournament v17 with a 40 evinrude. Named her Sea Chelle after the admiral. Wife is out fishing me at the moment but we are enjoying our new to us boat. Oldest boy is up near dale hollow in tn and picked up an old 16ft alumacraft took me out and that was it. Needed to get my own

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Post by Woody »

Hello folks,
Have owned everything from RowBoats to a Skeeter and in retirement which is a few years away....ending with this 95 Grumman Scout (picked up yesterday)and My 98 Lund Mr Pike.
With the current Shitshow going on and lack of work I decided to investigate some skinny water reservoirs to wet a line.
Looking for some help with modifications
I am looking for something like McCallum offers for a riser for the bow trolling motor. I thought the area in front would be larger.
Also thinking of decking to the front seat (aluminum)
Any suggestions would be appreciated
Thanks in advance
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