stupid human trick

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stupid human trick

Post by wasilvers » 10 Jun 2010, 22:32

One of my favorite reads is the stupid human tricks posted on iboats. I knew one day I'd have my own story to tell...

As I was driving to the lake tonight, I turned to my wife and told her, I think it's my day for a stupid human trick - I can feel it. This comes after nearly forgetting ALL the fishing poles, not being able to find my car keys, almost hooking the batteries up backwards, and managing to attach the trailer with everything except putting it on the ball. I knew that today was going to be my day.

Got to the lake and remembered that I needed the plug first thing, but since we still weren't in the water- I was ok. Started to backup the trailer, and then remembered the transom straps. Because the wheels weren't wet, I don't count this - no harm no foul. Remembered to attach the bow line and get her launched no problem. Parked the car and sat in the boat's driver seat for a minute doing my mental checklist. All seemed well and she started right up. We were a little over an hour into our fishing trip when it started to sprinkle. It was windy, rainy, and the fish wern't biting too good. We pulled lines in, unbaited hooks, got lifevests on, etc. I started the engine and began slow, then began to pick up speed as she planed out. Then it really started to rain heavy, but only on my boat.... If you've done it before, you know what happened....

I left the troller down :oops: :oops: :oops: - It was funny watching the kids try to dodge the 'raindrops', two were buried in my wife's arms, the other had a seat cuscion on her head. :D

Fortunatly, All was well, the motor still works good, and we even trailered the boat on the first try :roll:
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stupid human trick

Post by DocWatson » 11 Jun 2010, 12:13

Sounds like it's time to stop relying on the "mental" check lists and start making lists. :LOL2:
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stupid human trick

Post by Deadmeat » 11 Jun 2010, 12:26

Bad as it was, it's refreshing to know that I'm not the only one who does things like that. Like the time I went deer hunting and brought my Ruger 77-22 (.22) and .270 ammo. The Ruger 77-22 and my deer rifle, a Ruger Model 77, are almost identical except for caliber and I managed to grab the wrong gun.

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stupid human trick

Post by russ010 » 11 Jun 2010, 15:06

I left my trolling motor down the other night when I left the dock to put the boat back on the trailer...

incase anybody ever wonders - a motorguide shaft (upper and lower if it's bent in the middle) will run around $200-225... #-o

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stupid human trick

Post by S&MFISH » 11 Jun 2010, 18:59

Don't feel too bad Will.You can add my name to the list,I've done that before.I'll admit it.
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