I now have a sponsor...

Talk about anything that floats your boat (no pun intended). This is general talk about anything not related to boating/fishing.
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I now have a sponsor...

Post by fender66 » 17 Jun 2010, 11:25

Awesome news. WE are proud of you Rus.

Every day should be Fender Day!

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I now have a sponsor...

Post by bcritch » 17 Jun 2010, 12:14

Awesome Russ.... Congrats

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I now have a sponsor...

Post by russ010 » 17 Jun 2010, 13:46

Quackrstackr wrote:Congrats.
russ010 wrote:It's pretty good - I don't get free stuff like maybe the bassmasters do, but I do get pretty good discounts - and believe me, every little bit helps
No offense, but can they be considered a "sponsor" if they are giving you nothing but a discount?

Some of those prostaff deals can be alright but many of them are just free advertising for a company that gets a heck of a lot more out of it than the pro(motional) staffers do. I know several guys that prostaff that don't get anywhere near what would equate to the same compensation at their regular jobs for the hours put in. Some of those guys would probably pay money just to say that they were on a prostaff, though. :mrgreen:
no offense taken man - but the discount really pays for itself to me, especially when I didn't have to pay anything to be on their pro-staff. When you go through the amount of yamamoto plastics like I do, every little bit helps.

I had other sponsors that would have worked just fine for me, and I would have gotten free stuff -- but you have to pay to be on their pro-staff (I guess if you aren't in the FLW or BASS tour)... and that's not something I'm willing to do - especially for the amount you have to pay.

I've worked with this company (without knowing) for about 2 years now, and they have never let me down when I needed something.

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I now have a sponsor...

Post by FishingBuds » 17 Jun 2010, 15:23

Thats Awsome Russ :D
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Loggerhead Mike
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I now have a sponsor...

Post by Loggerhead Mike » 17 Jun 2010, 15:58

cool man, gotta agree that websight is the best ive found for getting robos and other plastics fast (thanks to you :wink: )
and I think this brings us tinboaters a new parallel when we have a major company recognizing where today's economy has led us, and what it holds in the future.
agree, tinboats are the new fad :LOL2:

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