Indian Artifact Haul

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Indian Artifact Haul

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Picked out the best artifacts out of the 100 or so rocks I picked up over the last week and a half in NC. Finding this stuff is addicting.

What was wild was being able to drive down the road, find a likely looking spot, get permission, and find an arrowhead right when you get out the truck.

In one field, I found the bigger spearheads and a lot of shale (I think) rocks with notches in them (hoes and such). That field was used for farming and hunting, but the Indians probably didn't camp there.

In other spots, all kinds and sizes of arrowheads were everywhere. Those spots were set up on hill tops, which led me to believe the Indians lived there.

Mainly quartz, but I did find 4 (with 2 being good whole ones) arrowheads made out of a black rock that looked more like the rock the "stereotypical" arrowhead is made out of.

I also hit up the family property today and found a couple pieces of pottery that had distinctive patterns on them.

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Indian Artifact Haul

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Cool finds! The pic does not work unless you copy and paste. I think the [/img] was taken off the end. Edit your post and add that to the end and it should work.

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Indian Artifact Haul

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Very cool indeed! I have a pretty large collection of these myself that my dad gave to me that he found out where we used to go duck hunting when I was a kid.

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