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...and the bad.

Posted: 24 Jul 2011, 23:45
by nomowork
My Time Warner Cable is down or the umpteenth time this year. Service call is three days out.

I wish Verizon would hurry with their Fios offering where I live.

...and the bad.

Posted: 25 Jul 2011, 00:11
by sirbeigealot
nomowork wrote:My Time Warner Cable is down or the umpteenth time this year. Service call is three days out.

I wish Verizon would hurry with their Fios offering where I live.
We had Time Warner for many years.
Verizon came to us and offered a better everything, so we agreed to have them install thier equipment.
I took them all day to install, they placed a large box on the outside of our stucco, and another large box in our laundry room.
When they finally finished the install, we turned on the TV, and the picture was not as good as Time Warner's.
During the transition, we had no TV and no internet for about 3 days.
Also, our answering machine stopped working with Verizon. We bought a new one, thinking the old one was outdated. Same thing, they couldn't get the answering machine to work.
They sent out technicians and supervisors to try to fix the picture and the answering machine. They could fix neither.
After one week we called and cancelled, and went back to Time Warner.
Then, to top it all off, Verizon sent me a bill for about 100.00 dollars.
When I inquired about the bill, no one could give me a straight answer.
This went on for a few years, where I would get a bill from them every month.
I finally told them that I would never, ever, ever pay this bill, and they stopped sending bills.

Verizon is not a good company to deal with, IMO.
By the way, they never took that big box off of our stucco, and the box above the washing machine is still there as well.

...and the bad.

Posted: 25 Jul 2011, 00:58
by nomowork
My son has the full package Fios with Verizon and is very happy. He has a Panasonic HDTV but I don't know if that matters as I'm still using my old Sony Wega that just keeps on trucking.

Time Warner is the only high speed game in town here so I am a captive audience but I only use them for internet as I rarely watch TV anymore.

Last several trouble calls have been the coax connector box in the ground. I actually had to fix it myself temporarily to have service until their technician came out a few days later. This time I think it's the modem flaking out. Oh well, it's job security for someone.

...and the bad.

Posted: 25 Jul 2011, 06:39
by angry Bob
I'm seriously thinking of going with the AT&T Uverse. Everyone that I know, that has it, loves it.

...and the bad.

Posted: 25 Jul 2011, 08:31
by Ranchero50
I think you are screwed no matter which ISP you end up with. I have Verizon, am less than a mile from the central office and my phone service sounds like rice crispies. Internet access dies after it rains too. I worked for Lucent for a few years, been in the CO's. Everything is outdated, most of the lines are from the 50's and deteriorating.

I wish I could just turn it all off.
Verizon gets $60/ month for basic phone and DSL
ATT get's $90/month for cell phone for two lines, about 100 minutes a month
Cable is around $55/month for basic TV.

$200 off the top sucks...

...and the bad.

Posted: 25 Jul 2011, 11:39
by fender66
angry Bob wrote:I'm seriously thinking of going with the AT&T Uverse. Everyone that I know, that has it, loves it.
+1...when it's available in my neighborhood.

Not sure why it's not...they've dug up my yard twice in the last 2 years. You'd think while they were in the hole, they'd..........

...and the bad.

Posted: 25 Jul 2011, 12:07
by nomowork
It seems my cable connection is back to the old routine. I went outside to the cable connection hand hole last night and my coax was bent a little at the connector. My connector is the top most next to the underground box cover. Time Warner said they dug up the hole last time to give the cables more room but it looks like the box has settled again causing my connector to be squashed every time the gardeners work in the area.

The box is simply too small to handle that amount of cables (even their tech admitted it) but having worked for Ma Bell before, I understand how apathy, budgets and other management decisions relate to poor service.

...and the bad.

Posted: 26 Jul 2011, 12:22
by nomowork

Time Warner technician arrived this morning bright and early. Saved him some time and gave him a brief history of problem here. He was a very polite person and replaced both coax connectors at the modem and the hand hole and now modem is back to normal. This time though, I placed another piece of 2 x 2 wood under the cover at the corner of the box, wrote "DO NOT REMOVE", drilled a hole in the wood and cable tied it to the cover. It's pathetic that, I the customer have to do this to remedy their situation.

Another "...and the bad":

I ordered a flush kit from for my Honda outboard. I tracked the package and the USPS said that it was delivered yesterday at 0844. Yeah right, I was home and no one delivered anything and the normal mailbox delivery is around 1430 hours. Called USPS and they said they will investigate and call me back by Thursday. So, just to cover myself, I called and they are actually going to resend another flush kit at no extra charge! I asked if they can deliver via UPS and they said that would be an additional charge so I gladly will pay for UPS as I can trust the guy who is on my route. In fact, we talk about fishing when he has a few moments to spare. He even stopped me on the street a few times.

...and the bad.

Posted: 29 Aug 2011, 00:17
by nomowork
And again................

Cable speeds have varied from 15Kbs (yes kbs) to 31Mbs in the last two days. Of course when I called their service department tonight all they can say is it's working great at the moment. :evil:

There is still no sign of Verizon providing their Fios service in this neighborhood anytime soon.

...and the bad.

Posted: 30 Aug 2011, 12:08
by nomowork
I thought that my modem could be suspect as it is going on several years old so went to Fry's the other day but they were out of stock of the type I use so I was going to stop by the Time Warner office to pick up one of their modems (free) but went home first. The service was up and running again so decided to put it off.

Yesterday, the TW contractor came out to look at the cable hand hold that has never been repaired, even though a supervisor said he would take care of it the last time (insert your supervisor jokes here). The contractor said that a maintenance person would have to correct this problem and I understand that. While here, he asked if the service was alright and I said yes. He then mentioned that there was a major outage in the area! Geez, why didn't they just tell me that on the phone?

...and the bad.

Posted: 20 Sep 2011, 23:25
by nomowork
Great, I made it about a month before the cable service went down again!

I checked the cable box and sure enough, someone turned the cover 180 degrees which squished my coax connector. Straightened it out and service is back up. Called Time Warner to check on progress of their maintenance crew coming out to change the cover and they replied, what repair ticket?

Geez I wish I had access to Fios!

...and the bad.

Posted: 21 Sep 2011, 15:21
by wasilvers
OUCH - You might need to be a squeakier wheel? I used to have issues with time warner, then I had a string of problems and multiple calls later they sent a 'real person' to troublshott. He listened, did some tests and said I wasn't even at the speed I paid for. We were in an apartment, so I followed him down to the cable box. He unplugged one line from the top (and left it hanging), plugged me in at the top of some box and I was up and running. I had the max speed available and never had anothe problem at that building.

Now I live in a business area and rarely have issues. When I do, they are fixed almost immediatly. I'd assume since the businesses are there, they don't want their CC machines out for long. :)

...and the bad.

Posted: 21 Sep 2011, 21:19
by Hanr3
Dish, AT&T internet, and US Cellular.

I never have any trouble.

...and the bad.

Posted: 21 Sep 2011, 21:59
by Canoeman
Charter here in Cloud.. internet and cable 10+ years and no real issues..

The guy next door has issues all the time with his cable and his internet.. i think alot of the issues arent as much any single isp as much as the "last mile" or connection from the DMARC to your house aka wiring. Old wiring and old infrastructure is to blame for alot of the down time issues.. more so with older developments and older cities as to where the "new" isp hasnt done anything more than change the name with minimal infrastructure upgrades.

...and the bad.

Posted: 22 Sep 2011, 07:09
by Popeye
My sister's neighbors across the street have U-Verse. 50/50 on like/dislike compared to Comcast Cable. My sister can't get it because it's not available in her area - Yup, AT&T told her that even though on the other side of the street it is available. Satified with service of Comcast, just not liking the $62.00 for cable TV only with just expanded basic (or Digital starter package they call it now I guess). Using AT&T DSL for internet and it's fine for what I do, no online gaming or such silliness.