Wired 2 Fish and Rod Glove Contest

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Wired 2 Fish and Rod Glove Contest

Post by fender66 »

Oddly enough....I was just looking at these late last week. I could use another half dozen. They are a great product for sure! I promise!

However.....If you like to have your rods tangled and getting all messed up....then don't enter this very easy contest....But, I'd recommend that you do! :LOL2:

Thanks again to the guys at Wired2Fish! =D>


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Wired 2 Fish and Rod Glove Contest

Post by W2FTodd »

We're kind of excited about this one as Rod Glove came to us wanting to use our brand for some of their inventory for sale. Pretty humbling for sure. I'm looking forward to getting my Wired2Fish Rod Gloves. Thanks for being one of our fastest growing referral segments TinBoaters!


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Wired 2 Fish and Rod Glove Contest

Post by Jim »

Rod Gloves are the real deal guys!

I even made my own a long time ago. Some of you might have been the lucky recipient of one of these. Enter for your chance, they are awesome. These rod gloves are a life saver in the rod locker and have proven to reduce blood pressure when removing rods from your locker. Trust me i know. :LOL2:


Disclaimer: These are the ones I custom ordered, these are not what you will get if you win, you will get the same rod glove without the TinBoats.net stamp. Sad, I know. :LOL2:

Good luck to all who enter! =D>
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Wired 2 Fish and Rod Glove Contest

Post by fool4fish1226 »

gotta play to win
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Wired 2 Fish and Rod Glove Contest

Post by freetofish »

Thanks wired 2 fish for the rod gloves I am about to recieve..... amen.

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Wired 2 Fish and Rod Glove Contest

Post by Daddio »

Could definitely use these gloves. Either that or leave a few rods at home next time.

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