More Prayers Needed

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More Prayers Needed

Post by shamoo » 19 Oct 2011, 00:42

More Prayers are needed, My brother- in- law has Cancer through out his whole body hes 50 years old, 6'7" and weighs 128 lbs, the hospital is sending him home and setting up hospice care, they say he has 2 weeks at the most to live. They did a tracheostomy and put in a feeding tube about two months ago.

WOW this sucks!!!!!!
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More Prayers Needed

Post by DocWatson » 19 Oct 2011, 00:48

Damn 'moo !!! Tough stretch for your family here.

In this case, one can only hope things go quickly and peacefully. You and yours are in my thoughts.

Stay strong.
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More Prayers Needed

Post by batman » 19 Oct 2011, 00:58

Very sorry to hear.
Prayers sent.
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More Prayers Needed

Post by Jim » 19 Oct 2011, 06:56

Wow Moo, Sorry to hear it! :(
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More Prayers Needed

Post by JeffChastain » 19 Oct 2011, 07:26

Dagum, shamoo. When it rains it pours. I'm sorry to hear about this hard stretch you and your family are purservering. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers.
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More Prayers Needed

Post by nomowork » 19 Oct 2011, 11:02

I'm really sorry.

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More Prayers Needed

Post by fender66 » 19 Oct 2011, 11:32

Can't find the right words and they may not exist, but you and your family are in my prayers. [-o< [-o<

Once again.....CANCER SUCKS!

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More Prayers Needed

Post by freetofish » 19 Oct 2011, 15:35

sorry to hear the news.. My prayers will be for a peaceful death and exceptance of the event when it happens for you and his family..
Peace be with you.

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More Prayers Needed

Post by BassGeek54 » 19 Oct 2011, 15:55

Moo, I am so sorry to hear about all of the misfortunes...prayers sent. Better days are coming.

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More Prayers Needed

Post by baseball_guy_99 » 20 Oct 2011, 09:05

Again...sorry to hear about all this bad luck.

More prayers will be sent your way!

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More Prayers Needed

Post by bcritch » 21 Oct 2011, 13:05

Sorry to hear....Prayers sent Mr. Moo.....

I agree "Cancer Sucks"

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More Prayers Needed

Post by FishingCop » 22 Oct 2011, 18:30

So sorry Mr. Moo, hope you can hold up and get through these very hard times for you and your family.... Prayers sent..... [-o<
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