NOAA Radios

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NOAA Radios

Post by Jim »

Anyone use these? Do they work? Seems like it would be a no brainer for a boat or anything for that matter, but does it really work?

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NOAA Radios

Post by Mattman »

jimmyt wrote: Seems like it would be a no brainer
It is a no brainer. Wouldn't be without mine. Quite a few radios now come equiped to pick up those signals. From little "boom box" radios to FRC handhelds. I have a dedicated unit that I got close to ten years ago.

I have a cabin in the woods and I often times spend 4 or more days straight there. No power. Before the only way to check the weather was to hold out your hand. I usually turn the weather radio on several times a day to check conditions and upcoming weather reports. Great while in the boat as well.

You've got to be within about 30miles of a transmitter. At least with the radio I have. Others may be different.
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Post by dampeoples »

I had a FRS radio with that, and had a dedicated one once, they're useful, but not so much where I normally was, but I got it at a deal :)

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