Question abot boat insurance

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Question abot boat insurance

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So I'm moving out of my place with the oversize 2 car garage that was home to my 14' tin and a ridiculous amount of tools. At the new place I'll have room for most of my tools provided my car lives in the driveway. my plan was to get a storage locker to keep the boat , bigger stand-mounted tools and any overflow.
When I went to talk to the storage place today I was told that I need to have full coverage insurance on the boat to be able to store it there. I did a little research and found that I can add liability ins for the boat onto my auto coverage for $100/yr, that seems reasonable to me. Now the full-coverage would be about $400/yr. I'm thinking thats a bit steep for a 1957 Richline hull with a 1971 25 horse evinrude all sitting on a 1984 trailer. It does have fishing decks, seats, built-in storage, 2 basic fishfinders and a hand-control trolling motor w/battery. All stuff i installed on the boat, it was just a shell and trailer when I found it. My guess is that complete package value is $1500-$2000.
Any ideas on how to approach this storage facility differently or more reasonable places to check for an ins. quote.
I really want to keep he boat but between storage and insurance costs that they are talking about it may need to go bye-bye
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Question abot boat insurance

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seems high to me, try skisafe!

I had more than 100k insurance on my 2003 G3 pro team 165 and it was only like 250 for the year.
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Question abot boat insurance

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I have $4500 of coverage on my boat and pay just $100/year on my homeowner's insurance. $400 sounds way to high.
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