huminbird 360 - not sure I like the idea...

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huminbird 360 - not sure I like the idea...

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I've heard of this for 2 years now and the more I think about it, the more I think it is almost unfair. Let me explain why: In the past with depthfinders and such, we can find fish or find structure - sometimes both. We pause and fish for them, but they can move off and we are stuck and must go looking for them again. With this, it seems anglers can become much more efficient at locating fish - and per huminbirds example, hidden(deep)fish beds, etc.. Imagine if every striper fisherman used this, how long would it take before the waters become depleated or only small fish are left in the lake?

IDK - I have a sidescan and really like it, but it just finds structure for me, I still have to fish it. This might be a bit much. But then at a cost of $2,000 plus you need a SI unit ($800 to $2,500) the average joe fisherman isn't going to own one of them.

just my 0.02
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huminbird 360 - not sure I like the idea...

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your assuming people keep every fish they catch.i personally keep maybe 2 fish out of every 100 i catch.i'm sure a lot of people throw alot of them back.i also only use my ff for water temp,thermocline and structure.i can see a guide using these units,but the average joe?
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huminbird 360 - not sure I like the idea...

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First and foremost, I'm really cheap, so I buy a gray screen fish finder that primarily shows depth and structure.

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