deadrise at the transom?

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deadrise at the transom?

Post by charles9888 » 03 Apr 2013, 11:58

wondering if someone can tell me the smallest aluminum boat with transom deadrise. I think its crestliner. I am looking for a used boat..thanks in advance

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Re: deadrise at the transom?

Post by lefty » 03 Apr 2013, 15:24

You mean draft?

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great white
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deadrise at the transom?

Post by great white » 03 Apr 2013, 15:42

You need to be a bit more descriptive as dead rise is the word for the hull angle but doesn't describe what you're after.

IE: looking for a lot of dead rise, 0 dead rise (flatbottom) etc.....

The way you've worded it, someone could recommend a dead rise of 1 degree and be answering your question correctly.

I suspect you're looking for something that isn't a flat bottom so it will ride smoother in chop.

Transom dead rise is easy to quote since it's out in the open and easy to visualize, but the dead rise value of the entire hull is a far more telling number as it changes as you move along the hull.

Also be aware that smooth ride and such is effected by much more than just dead rise at the transom. Some examples are overall width, hull design, chine designs, etc.

Most small tinnies are pretty much flat bottom by the time you get to the transom as they're not meant to be serious water boats.

Additionally, when shopping used, ya kindda gotta take whatcha get......or be prepared to wait a while for the right fish to swim by.....:)

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