Blazing fast new computer

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Blazing fast new computer

Post by nrgeek »

Windows 8.1 is a big improvement over 8.. being in the IT biz.. I get my hands on every os that comes down the path for free.. I couldn't stand 8 when it came out .. but got a copy of 8.1 to play with .. like it much better .. haven't had any issues at all with it .. every new OS is a learning curve.. as I'm sure 9 will be when it hits the shelves as well .. but even MS can acknowledge that 8 was a flop.. with the masses.. I understand where they were trying to go .. but that will have to so in baby steps... only thing in the world of computers that stays the same is that change is certain and fast

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Blazing fast new computer

Post by nomowork »

Software companies need to understand that older users like me need a KISS system. I don't need all the bells and whistles, "jewels", etc. As a user, Windows 8 was a joke to me and the "new" 8.1 isn't much of an improvement. I think these upgrades and improvements are only done to justify someone existence in their jobs.

Yes, you guessed it, I'm an old phart that just longs for the simpler days. I hear that car manufacturers are going back to analog dials for car radios and maybe computer manufacturers will take a hint.

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Blazing fast new computer

Post by JMichael »

Software companies are just what that title implies, and if they aren't selling software, they aren't generating revenue. So once the vast majority of their patrons have acquired the current version, the revenue that they generate from sales starts a rappid slowdown. They have to have a new money maker ready to release when this slowdown hits or else they're going to be looking at cutting salaries somewhere. If they can't come up with new and useful features, they have to fix the bugs and tweak the old features and put it in a pretty new box and make it look different so the public thinks they are getting something new. When they do this they end up with a little more stable OS because all they really did was fix any existing issues with the old OS, changed the way it looks, and passed it off as a new OS. In the event that they actually do a major rewrite, you end up with a flop like Vista or Win 8. Of course if they would take the time to do proper function/regression testing of their new releases, they could fix a lot of the problems before the software is even released. But that testing would mean more money spent and delay the new money influx, and we all know what the final decision will be with that. :lol:

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Blazing fast new computer

Post by flatboat »

62 years old and love my sweet Asus 17.3 " laptop I 7 quad core 3 gb dedicated video .32 gb pc 12800 , sata boot drive , terabite storage republic of gamers all the way! old guys rule ! don't b scared of win 8 it'll get better , 8 second boot ,life is short live it fast !

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Blazing fast new computer

Post by Colbyt »

I build my own systems and I always wait for the third roll out of any new OS before I even consider buying it. It usually takes that long to really make it work. :) Some don't even live that long.

I choose to install win 7 on two systems I built in Jan 2013 even though I paid 2.5 times the then discounted price of 8. I have zero regrets about that choice.

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