Close call with lightning

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Close call with lightning

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Close call with lightning

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I would be changing my shorts and buying a lottery ticket after that!

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Close call with lightning

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I can't even begin to recall how many close calls I had on Lake Okeechobee. The weather would blow in very fast and the airboats just couldn't outrun them. It is not a good feeling riding that high off the water on an all metal conductor in the middle of an electrical storm. Glad they weren't hit. I really don't take chances with lightning or storms anymore. No fish is worth being hit by lightning or even the risk of being struck.

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Close call with lightning

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and people give me crap for running to the ramp when a storm kicks up.........
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Close call with lightning

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That would be an awsome experiance, besides the crapping in your pants part

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Close call with lightning

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Tell you what, that's my biggest fear in a tin boat,

Not that you can't be struck in a glass boat its just that I think you're a little bit more susceptible in a aluminum boat. We get those storms her in South Florida that literally pop up out of nowhere. I've been chase off the flat countless times. I'm a little bit of a risk taker but I don't play when it comes to lightning. [-X Here in the lightning capital of the world I've had more close calls that I care to remember. ... 21&t=28342[/color] My Lowe 1752 Mod/rebuild
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Close call with lightning

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I agree with Country Dave

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Close call with lightning

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All I can say is WOW!!!

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Close call with lightning

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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes...

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