New Handheld VHF Radio

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New Handheld VHF Radio

Post by DMGO »

A guy is selling new UNIDEN ATLANTIS 250BK VHF RADIOS for $35 on CraigsList near my home. Are these any good? He claims they are new in box. A Google search comes up with mixed reviews. Good deal or not?
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New Handheld VHF Radio

Post by DanMC »

Hi,look it up on Amazon ,reviews ....take it from there.

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New Handheld VHF Radio

Post by BrazosDon »

It is half the price of new one and has good audio. Have him demonstrate it to you. Good luck.

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New Handheld VHF Radio

Post by nomowork »

IMO, you get what you pay for. I've had that brand products before and the quality matched the price.

I now have Cobra hand held units, which are still on the lower price end, but seem to hold up much better.

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