Another Win for the McRib

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Another Win for the McRib

Post by MiPikeGuy »

lol as if the ingredient list of a McRib isn't enough to scare people away. :sick:
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Another Win for the McRib

Post by PATRIOT »

Had the new Burger King rib sandwich for the first time yesterday . . . better tasting than the McRib and only a buck even though it's half the size and served in waxed paper and not a box.
The flame broiling is the difference . . . other ingredients probably the same.
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Another Win for the McRib

Post by Jim »

What are you guys going to do now that McDonalds limits that crappy McRib? :LOL2: ... p=features
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Another Win for the McRib

Post by Loggerhead Mike »

The smell alone can give a grown adult mud butt

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Another Win for the McRib

Post by Brine »

What does this say about German cuisine?

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Another Win for the McRib

Post by BassAddict »

It's almost time!!!
I might have to destroy 1 or 2 dozen for old time sakes
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Another Win for the McRib

Post by lovedr79 »

jim it sounds like there will be some road trips to get to the places that have them.
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Another Win for the McRib

Post by MOE »

I just can't make myself eat those things. Especially when we have good bbq places around. Arby's has pretty good sandwiches though.

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