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Jim wrote:Since we are on a rant.....I think you should get a $50 fine for blowing through a stop sign.

I have a stop sign in front of my house. There are kids all under the age of 10 on all 4 corners. Cars roll through like there is no stop signs there. The problem here is that it is not a busy area so It is not worth it for the officials to do anything about it.
The fine for that should be $200 and the town should put an unmarked car there to enforce the statute until people get the hint. At $200 a pop it would be worth it to enforce that one, rotating to different stop signs around town. The problem would be solved in a few months and the town would be enriched by a few thousand dollars. (They could probably make some $$$ handing out seatbelt citations during the same stops.:wink:)
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I keep a stub of a seat belt fine in my visor.168 dollar fine and a lose of 2 points,I've had 7 of them; luckly the points just started on my last one.I always try to put it on now.I still hate being told what to do...even if it is correct.

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I didn't wear one ever in my younger years but I always wear it now (because I don't want a ticket). When my sister was younger, she was in 2 bad accidents ..(one she rolled her car and another she was broadsided when someone ran a red light). In both cases the officers and medics said if she would have had her set belt on it would have killed her, no doubt in her mind. She does wear it now to.
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na. thats the law down here in ga. they can stop u for that. but they dont have to stop ya. that was just a cop having a bad day i guess. its pretty stressful...being nice to ppl who yell at u all the time... but my dad doesnt like too. he is the good cop. xD. and even sometimes when the captain is gone he gets to run the Department. lol. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: hes only a Sarg. been serving for about 17 yrs. he gets mad at the young cops who get cars after about 3 months on the force, then they wreck the cars. especially his. lol he hasnt wrecked so far... but when he lends his cars to his partners they seem to find a way to crash it... hes like.. that car was gettin old anyways. time for a new car :mrgreen: it took him about 5 yrs in the jail then they put him in a car. nxt step he is gonna be a LT. lol. hes turning 40 July 30th. while im up in Ky...hes goin to Vegas with my mom. so me and my bro r like...blah.

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Thats cool on your Pops TP 8)

I know a few officers, got a couple of family members in law inforcement- they all are still human, some are good ones some are !#@*^! and some shouldn't even be a cop :shock: I know one that left his firearm and belt in a sink in a high school bathroom(he took it off usen the bathroom)-he was never bright :roll:
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...I know one that left his firearm and belt in a sink in a high school bathroom(he took it off usen the bathroom)...
I guess that brings new meaning to the phrase "Shooting the S&it ! :shock:
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jkbirocz wrote:It sucks getting a ticket period, but I will never get one for not wearing a seatbelt. Five years ago I was in a wreck with my uncle the day before Easter. He was driving and we were picking up subs and pizza for dinner for the family. I had 2 pizzas and a bag of subs on my lap when we left the pizza shop. With everything on my lap I thought to myself, I'm not gonna put my seatbelt on. My uncle usually never wears his, but he buckled up, so I also did even with the food on my lap.

A few miles down the road, we were hit head on by an 4-runner doing 70 in a 45. Luckily we were OK and only had a ton of bumps and bruises, but of course his week old accord was totalled.

I also got to spend my last few weeks of my freshmen year of college dazed on plenty of vicodin. You could see the seatbelt around my chest and waist in bruise form, for over a month after the crash.

I know there are cases where seatbelts can also kill, but I'll take that chance and buckle up. I am not trying to give you a hard time, cause I believe it is a personal choice to wear a seatbelt.

What about the pizza?
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