Public Service Announcement. Skeeters(Not the bass boat)

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Public Service Announcement. Skeeters(Not the bass boat)

Post by nowgrn4 » 28 Jun 2016, 09:15

My Hot Shot flying insect spray seems to have lost it's effectiveness. I have to literally drown the little suckers for it to work, it's only .15% Permethrin. So I put 3oz of Hi-Yeild

in a 32oz Simple Green sprayer bottle and filled it with water. WOW! This stuff literally knocks them out of the sky. My 1% Permethrin witches brew vs .15% in the Hot Shot is roughly 7 times the strength of the Hot Shot. Plus I can make over 10 quart spray bottles of it for around the same cost ($15) of three 15oz cans of Hot shot.

Pro, it leaves a light oily residue on anything it lands on that continues killing for 30 days.

Con, it smells insecticidey. It doesn't have a fragrance mask like the Hot Shot.

I'm liking it.

EDIT; Forget finding anything near 10% Permethrin at the big box stores. Try Tractor Supply or a rural hardware or feed store.
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