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Sad News

Posted: 17 Jul 2019, 17:06
Just saw this on a local fishing forum. Someone saw a man struggling in the water at one of our local lakes but was unable to get to him before he went under and failed to resurface. This happened at Lake Pardee which is a very deep drinking water reservoir. Because swimming/water sports are not allowed, it is pretty much a fishing only lake. In fact, my fishing report from 2 or 3 week ago was this lake.

Sheriff's deputies have located the person's boat. They also identified the person's vehicle & trailer in the parking lot. My guess is he fell out and was not wearing a PFD. My understanding is several sheriff's boats have been dragging and using sonar but so far have not recovered a body.

Always sad to hear something like this about a fellow fisherman. Use those PFDs.

Sad News

Posted: 17 Jul 2019, 22:08
by thedude
The new ones are just too comfy not to wear them. And I fish in Texas summer heat no problem.

And the kids are too important to me. Image

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