72 Mirrocraft deep fisherman 14

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72 Mirrocraft deep fisherman 14

Post by lvhish486 » 19 Sep 2016, 11:31

What prep work did you do for the exterior? Looks like it as in pretty good condition already, just needed a face lift. That SW paint has a nice shine to it. Looks great.

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72 Mirrocraft deep fisherman 14

Post by allhansondeck » 04 Jan 2017, 11:22

Dallas stewart wrote:
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Well finally decided to post my most current project. I have always been a big and fast fiberglass boat guy but was getting tired of the time spent on the cleaning and maintenance of it. I told myself no more carpet to scrub. No more scrubbing fiberglass. No more 4mpg big motors.
Picked up a 1972 mirrocraft deep fisherman. Was very rough when I first brought it home but my plans were to gut everything anyway. The PO had a very poor plywood floor that was rotted away along with a small front casting deck. Removed the middle seat. And liquid nailed brown outdoor carpet all around up the gunells.
After a good long weekend removing, scraping and sanding the interior of the boat left me with a blank canvas as to what I wanted to do to it.
My initial plans going in was ZERO wood aside from transom.
A small front casting deck/sunspot for the wife.
I am still currently working it and still taking pictures as I go. The exterior emblems where redone and a sample section of paint was done to see if I like the color.
Benches were made from an old set of aluminium bleachers. All paint is SW industrial oil base. I do alot of painting and felt it was the best product for my needs. I still haven't finished the exterior of the boat as this weather is cooperating with my time. Along with the trailer needs rewired and painted. As soon as I can get back up to the store I'll start floatation boxes for under the seats and casting deck. I'll add more photos as I proceed with the project.
Count me in the MirroCraft Club. I was given a '68 14' Ski and Troll last fall by an elderly neighbor who was forced to sell his island home around the corner from me. I have already repainted it using the "roll and tip" method and just found a replacement windshield 3 states away. I have attached a post paint winter storage picture.
Post paint.jpg
Am looking forward to the spring in NH so I can get on the water again.

Dallas stewart
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72 Mirrocraft deep fisherman 14

Post by Dallas stewart » 05 Jan 2017, 14:26

That color is great! I thought about using the same dark forrest green instead of the red, but in the end red is what was used.

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