Jrob's 12ft Monark build

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Re: Jrob's 12ft Monark build

Post by Jrob238 » 18 Nov 2016, 20:27

CalvinXJ wrote:What do you have planned for this once you get it cleaned up?

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Sorry it took so long to reply. I had to halt my project for awhile because of school. Good news is the semester is winding down so I will get started back really soon.

This will be the first boat I have personally owned and the first aluminum boat I have ever stepped foot in. But my short term plans are to mainly use it for crappie fishing, can't beat fried crappie. My true passion is bass fishing so I will probably attempt to do some of that as well. I have a few pockets that are current/wind protected with boat ramps that I will probably wear out to no end.

Long term plans are honestly to flip the boat for a profit and buy another, bigger, project. My ultimate goals are to continue to buy and rebuild until I work my way into something like a bass tracker. So far I have 100 bucks in the boat, 150 in the new trailer, and maybe another 100 in materials. Im projecting about another 50 or so to get the rest of the paint. By the end with less than 500 in the boat I am hoping to make a good profit and giving the condition and price of jon boats in my area I should be able to jump into a 16ft that will need a little less work than this one.

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Jrob's 12ft Monark build

Post by Jrob238 » 18 Nov 2016, 20:38

MmmFishing wrote:I am planning on taking my boat down and repainting this winter. This is probably a dumb question but I don't know the answer so whatever, are you applying the paint remover gel, letting it rest, then stripping with 3m brush? Or was the stripper only for the initial paint removal? Thanks!
One thing I have learned with this project is there are no dumb questions lol.

The stripper I bought thinking it would make quick work of getting rid of that house paint. Which on the insides of the boat it worked really well and I will probably do just as you mentioned by letting the stripper rest then hit it over with the 3m wheel. But on the bottom of the boat it didnt even make a dent. There was some kind of sealant used 4 coats a paint ago on the bottom of this boat and the stripper I had just wasnt strong enough to eat through it.

I dont know if I am answering your question though so Im gonna just list what I am currently doing and plan to do.

My first step was to use a pressure washer with a very tight nozzle to remove any loose paint and to help break up the sealant on the bottom.

Second, I went over the entire bottom and sides with the 3M paint wheel. There is no need for stripper if using the paint wheel honestly. It makes a tough job A LOT easier. I definitely recommend it.

My third step will be an acetone bath then primer for the bottom and sides.

Then I will repeat the entire process on the inside of the boat.

After acetone bath and primer on the inside I am going to do a water test. I am 95% positive I do not have any leaks but I want to confirm by filling the entire inside of the boat in water and check for any drips. Im also a little worried about the drain plug the previous owner rigged up with a piece of PVC. Im currently working with a friend of a friend who welds aluminum to come up with a better solutoin

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