starcraft SS18 project

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starcraft SS18 project

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I bought this on it's way to the scrap yard. Looking for ideas on conversion and restoration. I plan on using it solely for fishing rivers and some of the great lakes. Saginaw bay in particular.

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starcraft SS18 project

Post by thedude »

Looks like a money pit. And a blank canvas! Following along...

Mike B
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starcraft SS18 project

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Another great project to do. I have a similar one to start on some time. do you have the title in hand, if not you may want to wait until you have that or it may just be junk.

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starcraft SS18 project

Post by Butthead »

X2 on the title.

Good looking boat. I wouldn't mind coming across a blank canvas like that!

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starcraft SS18 project

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Any updates ?
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