1436 Eldocraft Transom Repair/mod/upgrade

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1436 Eldocraft Transom Repair/mod/upgrade

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I just picked up a 1980 Eldocraft 1436 Jon boat from a coworker. It needs some work but it seems like a stout boat. Had stringer's on 9.5"centers and seems fairly tall sided for a small Jon. Anyway the transom needs replaced. Its completely gone, nothing for a pattern. Looks like it went down approx 12in from the top to engage the kicker braces but not all the way to the bottom to keep from wicking water if it took on a lil. My question. Is does it really need to go completely from side to side or can i just cover from top to the kickers as long as theres a place to mount the outboard. Otherwise ill have to remove the corner caps and the rear cap and right at the moment i dont have access to get it welded back up.

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1436 Eldocraft Transom Repair/mod/upgrade

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It needs to go the full width.
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