Linux anyone?

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Linux anyone?

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richg99 wrote:I have an older laptop that I no longer use. I replaced it because it was old, and I thought I might have a virus on it. How can I get Ubuntu Linux on it,....just to see how it works? thanks richg99
Ubuntu may or may not be the best choice for your laptop, it depends on what hardware is in it. There are other versions that are designed to run better on older slower machines. For instance, Lubuntu (Ubuntu lite) is a scaled down version designed just for older, slower machines. Its based on the same kernel (basic system code)

My suggestion is to go here, and ask. Post the specs of the laptop and ask what would be best for it. ... etbook-25/

These people are very helpful and want to get newbies like us into Linux

A little research upfront could save you a lot of headaches down the road. Some people get frustrated and give up without giving it a chance.

I am using it right now and I really love it
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