NetFlix & Hulu on the home TV, HOW??

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NetFlix & Hulu on the home TV, HOW??


I have Apple TV and luv it, it has it all and can listen to music loaded on my computer.
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NetFlix & Hulu on the home TV, HOW??

Post by sixgun86 »

Not sure if I mentioned this, but there are a lot of Channels that aren't listed that you can subscribe. If you login you can add them from a list that is kept updated by an outside source. Lots of good viewing. Easy for someone to start their own TV channel too.

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NetFlix & Hulu on the home TV, HOW??

Post by billyelliott »

I had never imagined watching Hulu in countries like Australia, but thanks to the Streaming VPN, I can now watch it without any hassle and the best part is it comes at a very reasonable option.

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NetFlix & Hulu on the home TV, HOW??

Post by Colbyt »

We have both a Roku and a NeosMax. Had I been smart enough to buy the more expensive Roku with the USB port I would only have one unit. The USB allows one to copy all their music to a USB drive and get rid of the CD clutter. Both work fine for streaming but the Roku is easier to use. The Neos lets me get pictures and music from a network attached 2TB hard drive. The drive has a simple home server built in.

The Amazon Prime plan offers a lot of content and free 2 day shipping (on purchases from Amazon) for about $84 per year.

There is a lot of free content (with commercials) no matter which device you use.