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Cooking with a Dutch oven.

Posted: 06 Jul 2017, 12:13
by FormerParatrooper
Chili tastes better in a D.O. and so do stews. I have a couple and I segregate them according to function, some are solely for desserts, one for cornbread and others for main dishes.

I have even used them in my regular oven for making pulled pork. 1/2 can of beer ( I use Hamm's ), fat side up and let it go all night at 200 degrees and when you wake up in the morning the whole house smells like dinner. The other plus side is the bone pulls right out and my dog is waiting for her bone. I pour the liquid out and let it sit in the refrigerator and when the fat solidifies, spoon it off and add the remaining liquid to the pulled pork. Keep the fat aside as it make a great roux later.

Cooking with a Dutch oven.

Posted: 31 Jul 2017, 10:40
by ppine
It is amazing that there are so many people that "have a DO but have never used it."

Plan on making some chili or other simple can't fail recipe. Make a fire in your backyard and start practicing.

I frequently cook for 25 people or more at backyard parties. Working with a fire is best in the cooler months, not the summer. Build a cooking fire and a heating fire so people stay out of your way. I like to set up a wall tent and/or a tipi.

Some people do not seem to realize the rim on the cover is made to hold coals. That is how you create an oven is bottom and top heat. No need to use charcoal and a bunch of formulas. Wood works fine and I never run out.

It would be great to just hear from one person that made their first pot of chili. It is easier than it sounds, so get started.