Grilled Trout

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captain belly
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Grilled Trout

Post by captain belly »

Trout season is in less than 2 weeks here in MO. I need to get out of the house......NOW!

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Grilled Trout

Post by LDUBS »

Hmmm, looks like trout season is open. Time to get out now!

I've looked at those fish baskets for the grill. Right now I use a non-stick coated grill grid that sits on top of the grate. It works OK, but I do have to flip the fish.
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Grilled Trout

Post by turbotodd »

Trout season is year round here and I take advantage whenever I can. This coming Monday is looking pretty good other than high water.

I've eaten plenty of rainbow and brown trout. To me the browns have more taste, sort of similar to salmon-also, as soon as I open the cavity up, the meat turns reddish just like salmon. That said, however, I haven't been a big fan of either one to be honest. I've grilled them, baked, and fried them. Every time, they don't have much taste other than the spices or whatever else I put on/in them, so I'm always up to trying a different recipe. There's been several on this site and I'll sure try them at some point! Thanks!