First BBQ of 2019

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First BBQ of 2019

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Seems kind of late but with all the weather we had through mid May along with an out of town vacation, this is the first time I've fired up the BBQ in 2019.

I find what you guys do with those smokers and wood fired BBQ's really impressive. I'm not that sophisticated and just use a propane fueled Weber. In fact I suppose what I'm doing is considered grilling instead of BBQ by the experts. Still, I think my chicken is pretty good.

Been using Kinder's BBQ sauce on chicken and burgers for years. They are a local meat shop/deli in our area It is common to see their BBQ sauce in our stores. I'm not sure if it is in stores out of the area.

Anyway, here are some pic's.
Almost there.jpg
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Done.jpg (38.22 KiB) Viewed 649 times
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