No boat to work on...

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No boat to work on...

Post by jasper60103 » 30 Sep 2009, 08:22

yea, I guess I'm the joe fisherman type.
I do enjoy seeing the beautiful work you guys do here, but
I can't see paying a lot for a hull.
As long as it's in decent shape, no leaks and fairly light weight.
A good reliable motor is more important to me.

But back to the topic. I think Bobberboy made it clear he is thinking about
moding boats for enjoyment or a hobby, i.e. not to make money. I say go for it!
And Isn't that what this forum is about?
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No boat to work on...

Post by danmyersmn » 30 Sep 2009, 08:40

Average Joe Boat Riggers

Now get your boat rigged just like the big boys! You know, to take it a different step, you might find a good way to actually make $ back on the boat is to take a boat or boat & trailer and do a proper strip & paint on them. Using something like Rustoleum Marine to give it a nice coatnig inside and out that will hold up but is not the top of the line marine paint that would bust the project. Maybe gluv-it the seams on the inside before hand. Then you can sell the boat fully ready to be rigged. Trailer could could be stripped and painted, bearing packed, wiring checked. etc. So you would be selling a "freshend" boat ready to be used or rigged. Offering your services for rigging to the buyer of course. :wink: Take that $100 John that was for sale in that ad posted a few back. If that was being sold as "sealed and painted, this boat is ready to go" $500.00. It would sell easy I bet. You would have maybe $200 into paint so you would make a decent enough profit on it, yet it is cheap enough you could sit on it until it sells.
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No boat to work on...

Post by Bugpac » 30 Sep 2009, 15:48

There is something hard about making 200.00 bux on a strip and paint tho, it is some serious work, and then the haggle of meeting 10 different people to sell it... I take stuff all the way to what i want then sell, that way i can use it etc and sell it when the time warrants... I haven't made any money, but i have a garage full of crap from trading, Eventually the crap will turn to cash as i only trade when it benefits me... :) Usually...

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No boat to work on...

Post by FishingBuds » 30 Sep 2009, 18:29

Yea I'd do it, for a hobby that made you a few bucks.

I enjoyed my build.

I think two or three a year would be nice to do.
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No boat to work on...

Post by shizzy77 » 01 Oct 2009, 16:11

One thing I find myself doing is checking out other guys boats similar to mine. If I see a guy with a John or small tinny I always try to strike up a conversation. then I check out what he has done. Hundreds of ideas and you can also pick up common things that most guys are going to want.

Seating, rod storage, comfort, lights and misc gear storage are top on my list.
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