My "poor-stick" anchor system, approx $30.00

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My "poor-stick" anchor system, approx $30.00

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Great Idea, And The Price Is Right !

Thanks For Sharin'

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My "poor-stick" anchor system, approx $30.00

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Thats a great idea, I wish I could use that on the river here?

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My "poor-stick" anchor system, approx $30.00

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I'll have to see if I can make some out of 1.25" or 1.5" pipe for spud poles on my duck hunting boat.
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My "poor-stick" anchor system, approx $30.00

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thats awesome. would work great on my duck boat =D>

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My "poor-stick" anchor system, approx $30.00

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awesome idea! another idea instead of the rope, you can just put a screw through the end and make it like a pin that will keep it from sliding all the way through.

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My "poor-stick" anchor system, approx $30.00

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Way to go Rusty, I like it a Redneck 1 hp pole!! I will share this will all my shallow water fishin buddy's. Man don't ya just hate bringing up a muddy anchor into your boat? Now we just need to get 2 poles and a coupler to put them together when we're fishin in 12 foot of water :LOL2:

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My "poor-stick" anchor system, approx $30.00

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How the person pushing the pull got as powerful as a horse, I'll never know :lol:

Sure beats my method, I've been messing around with a homemade power pole design for a while in CATIA. Might involve a garage door spring for insane deployment speeds :shock: :wink:

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My "poor-stick" anchor system, approx $30.00

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Cool idea, but I don't know about the RTV silicone as a marine sealant. Use 3M 5200 for any and all fasteners, especilly through-hull applications, and you'll never have to worry about leaks. It usually goes for about $7 for a toothpaste sized tube from HD/Lowes. It comes in larger, caulk gun sizes as well for larger jobs.

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My "poor-stick" anchor system, approx $30.00

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I was thinking of doing something I don't have to figure out how.... :D

Very nice thanks for posting

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My "poor-stick" anchor system, approx $30.00

Post by dahut »

Down in Louisiana, they use solid stainless rod anchors. They just drop them straight down, into the muck, and tie up. When its time to go, they snatch them straight up and out.

This idea is a great adaptation of the whole spike anchor concept. Thanks for the views.
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My "poor-stick" anchor system, approx $30.00

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Rusty, Great Job ! Short, sweet , and to the point!