Boat prices, look fair?

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Boat prices, look fair?

Post by jnldr »

Thinking of getting a boat and I know little about them. I live in East TN. Below are some prices on new boats from two dealers, do they look in line. I really want to keep it cheaper but I am not a mechanic and am scared to buy someone elses problems.

2008 G3 1448 VBWPF w/ F20 tiller and trailer $7495+ tax

2011 G3 1652 WSOF center seat w/ F40 tiller and trailer $9995 + tax

2010 1852 WOF outfitter w/ F40leha $8995 +tax

1860 VBW PTP F40leha $10,295 + tax

Any thoughts.




Mike P
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Boat prices, look fair?

Post by Mike P »

If that 1852 fits your needs it seems to me the best deal of those ya got listed.

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Boat prices, look fair?

Post by Badbagger »

I'll toss in my two cents.

1. I like you and looking but obviously NOT the "time" of year to buy. Unless I find a great deal, I'm going to wait till December or so when a far better deal can be had.

2. "New" is nice but you'll pay a premium. I'm looking at used. Use common sense, demo ride a boat and if all is well have it checked out by a dealer (engine) etc.

Just my two pennies.

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Boat prices, look fair?

Post by cavman138 »

To answer your question, yes the prices seem to be in line. I would also agree with Mike P that the 1852 seems like a great deal.
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