How to determine if your boat is worth Mods ?

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How to determine if your boat is worth Mods ?

Post by KHaus41369 » 30 Jul 2011, 00:03

Hey Everybody, Kevin here brand new just found the site and went WOW people with ideas I have and gone thru with it Love all I have seen so far but now to a question How do you decide if a boat is worth it? last year i bought an alumacraft 12ft V?? semi V ?? I call it a Laker hull it reminds me of a great lakes freighter hull. i dont know the year but has a big tag on the sides toward the back. its only 44 inches wide and beat up transom been changed once or twice gunwale edge is cracked in areas dented alot of bb size dents decals all over the side ill try to get more and better pics up in the next day or so but does it sound like something to mod ? or dink around in it as is and look for a better starter maybe bigger platform i wasnt thinkin of platforms but rebuilding each bench out of wood as storage areas with seats on them love some ideas i cant go too hogwild i still have a wife and a 11 yr old that once in awhile will be in the boat but would love some ideas thanks


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How to determine if your boat is worth Mods ?

Post by gouran01 » 30 Jul 2011, 12:17

do whats comforatable for you and fits you, make things removable for the family trips,

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How to determine if your boat is worth Mods ?

Post by FishingBuds » 30 Jul 2011, 13:10

that boat is worth a mod. Re-doing the bench seats is worth it.

just think thru what you fish for and your style.

example is I sport fish so I never keep, there for i have no live well. I don't fish for catfish so no pole holders, I don't night fish alot so I have no high beam lights.

I have a place for my rods, and tackle. I decided what I would carry in tackle, stick worms, craws, swim minnows and frogs. Then some tools, first aid, rags.

I decided to go all electric because its 95% electric lake only around me. Depth finder and on board battery charger was a must for me.

Its up to you but, know what boat you want.
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How to determine if your boat is worth Mods ?

Post by Ranchero50 » 30 Jul 2011, 16:50

Thin skinned short older boats should be enjoyed for what they are.

I would not modify that boat, but use it as is with a few comfort items (seat cushions, transom troller with a 9.9 gas motor). No decks, No seat posts etc. The hull isn't strong enough or internally supported well enough for heavy mods.


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How to determine if your boat is worth Mods ?

Post by Spencer31st » 30 Sep 2011, 12:57

Here is my build thread on my boat. Looks to be and exact match to yours, mine is a work in progress but should be in the water real soon. Maybe when I get it there it will help make up your mind. BTW, yours looks to be in much better shape than mine was, Good Luck!! ... 21&t=22144

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