rails on boats - what are they used for

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rails on boats - what are they used for

Post by dixie_mason »

I've been planning my purchase and mod for a while and have seen several boats with a raised rail above the gunnel (spelling).

Sometimes this raised rail is in the front - especially on bow fishing boats. I see people mount lights to these and some are high enough to keep people from falling overboard.

Sometimes it is on the back - as in this image.

Sometimes the rails run the entire length of the boat.

I'm wondering what folks use these rails for.

Inquiring minds want to know.

Also, does anyone have similar rails and wish they didn't?

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rails on boats - what are they used for

Post by fastcajun »

On the front like you said is for bowfishing or gigging, to mount lights to. you mainly bowfish at night and they use spotlights to light up the water. any where else on the boat is just a hanf rail. something to hold on, to tie things to, etc
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rails on boats - what are they used for

Post by 270Handiman »

The rails on my boat in the pic above are there for when a storm blows up when your out in the middle of Lake Ponchartrain. It can go from slick calm to 5 footers in a matter of minutes. They just make you feel better when you're getting slammed around like a bottle in the ocean, praying that you make it back to land!

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rails on boats - what are they used for

Post by PSG-1 »

They also make good locations to mount some of those rail-mount rodholders for fishing. 8)
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rails on boats - what are they used for

Post by jmed999 »

People mount rod holders to those rails.
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rails on boats - what are they used for

Post by LonLB »

IMO if it's a fishing boat, they just get in the way. The front of my boat had them. Took em' off and gave em away.

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rails on boats - what are they used for

Post by johnnyclack »

Howdy Fellows :lol:

I use my bow rails to align my boat at the ramp when I am attempting to get the boat on the trailer, on a cascade mountain lake, with a bitch of a crosswind blowing thew other direction :oops: .

I use the rear rails to get my tired butt into the boat, after it's on the trailer. They also come in handy when holding it along the dock when boarding. [-X

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