I am not worthy !

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I am not worthy !

Post by lbursell » 13 Sep 2011, 16:54

Found this gentleman's build report while looking for something else. This is how (and why) we convert aluminum boats to get the exact boat we want. I had never seen this build before and it makes me feel just..... inadequate. :shock:

This is the standard I want to aim for. Maybe we could extend an invitation to become an honerary member.

Enjoy =D>

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I am not worthy !

Post by LOWEBIGJON » 13 Sep 2011, 17:13

WOW, what can I say.. =D>
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I am not worthy !

Post by wihil » 13 Sep 2011, 18:02

Great looking boat! Hoping to do the same in a few years with another, larger tin - mine will be without the benches though.

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I am not worthy !

Post by freetofish » 13 Sep 2011, 18:05

I bet that set up cost at least $12.00 or more... what a boat.... I would be afraid to get fish slobber in it.. for sure a thing of beauty.

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I am not worthy !

Post by bcbouy » 13 Sep 2011, 18:14

it's nice,but iv'e seen just as nice on this site.
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I am not worthy !

Post by Captain Ahab » 13 Sep 2011, 20:20

bcbouy wrote:it's nice,but iv'e seen just as nice on this site.
I agree - there are a few boats posted on here that are just as nice or even nicer. I know BassBoy did a customer build that was really slick

I do like the attention to detail on that boat - but i would not have made it so uni-purpose
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I am not worthy !

Post by basstender10.6 » 13 Sep 2011, 20:30

Toatal cost said 20 grand. It's a nice boat, but that is crazy!! You can buy a nitro z-6 for $19,000, which a full bass boat, trailer 115hp mercury DFI optimax pro xs, and a trailer! According to the website the boat does 50-52 mph :D
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I am not worthy !

Post by nomowork » 13 Sep 2011, 21:15

Nice work although I would be afraid to drop my bait on the floor!

I understand his idea of a personal idea for his use. I kept my aluminum boat build to the absolute minimum maintenance which means fewer mods. I don't even use rod holders for fishing.

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I am not worthy !

Post by LonLB » 13 Sep 2011, 21:33

nice boat, and I would LOVE to have that engine. But way too much money, and I've seen setups I have liked better right here on this site.

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I am not worthy !

Post by fender66 » 14 Sep 2011, 09:23

Nice build. Very well thought out.

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I am not worthy !

Post by Ranchero50 » 14 Sep 2011, 13:16

$20k is probably about right. All the little doodads add up. Those stainless seat bases are $40 or so now and he ended up with what 10 of them?

I do like the optimization thought process. It's the same as mine.


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I am not worthy !

Post by SVOMike86 » 15 Sep 2011, 03:54

I agree with everyone in saying that while it is a nice boat, there are plenty more nicer boats on this forum. What makes his so nice is the organized and concise page. Its really got nothing more than everyone else's except a ton of seat bases, which is cool, but massively expensive. Hats off to him, but it is far from being the Tinboat envy I thought it would be when I clicked the link...

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I am not worthy !

Post by Ictalurus » 15 Sep 2011, 12:30

SVOMike86 wrote:Its really got nothing more than everyone else's except a ton of seat bases, which is cool, but massively expensive.

The whole point of me building my custom rig was to save money. Granted, a good chunk of his bill is wrapped up in one sweet motor, but for $20,000, you could find a very nice 2-3 year old used setup. The one thing that would drive me nuts on his build are the floors, I do not like that they don't go to the edge, those cargo nets aren't going to catch everything that falls down there. It seems he just bought the best of everything and installed it, while here on tinboats the members seem pretty crafty in creating solutions to expensive items, IMHO.

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I am not worthy !

Post by Mojo^ » 17 Sep 2011, 22:27

I suppose that's okay if you are retired, have lot's of extra cash on hand and equal amounts of time to be creative. For me, it's all about functionality and practicality. My boat is like my trucks and my guns. They are all tools to be used for a specific purpose, not something to be put in a showcase or treated with kid gloves. To each his own.

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