River Monster Dugout Canoes

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River Monster Dugout Canoes


Anyone here notice how the indigenous peoples of the world are using 25' Dugout canoes with brand new 40hp Yamaha's on the back? That cracks me up every time. I bet they a given those so that they don't eat/murder Jeremy Wade. Makes me want to go out there and hollow out a tree. I was watching the episode on Papua New Guinea yesterday where he met up with a tribe that gave up canibalism twenty years ago and a pop up bubble appeared saying "One villager attended Stanford University. After graduating he decided to go back and live off the river"

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River Monster Dugout Canoes

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I have. Discovery prolly buys them to ensure they get where the fish are for good footage
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River Monster Dugout Canoes

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yeah, that puzzles me too. why do tribesfolk in the jungle have those nice shiny outboard motors, while i can't find a beat-up outboard motor in my city? even if my country is considered 3rd world, we do have skyscrapers. here you can find just about anything you can find in any developed country, except 2nd hand outboard motors........ :LOL2:

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