new guy with questions

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new guy with questions

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New to this board, new to fresh water fishing , new to retirement and new to northwestern Arizona. Just purchased a 12ft larson boat ( shows mfg. Little fals Minn.) no other identification. It is an old boat last registured some time in the 70,s.
I have had it on the water and does not leak. I got the boat, a 6hp Evinrude, 2 trolling motors minkota 40 and a 46 motorguide, and two batries for $550.00 --- everything works fine.
My questions are
1)Moveing the batries forward --what guage wire do I need for these motors??
2)Striping the interior and painting with either Grizzly Grip or Cabellas Tuff coat--which of these is best and easiest to work with??
3) Painting the outside-- what paint do you guys recommend. Have a friend who will spray it for me.
40 Looking for a fish finder -- is the Hummingbird 561 something that works ok???
Thanks for help and advice will probably have more questions.

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new guy with questions

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Welcome to Tin Boats - I believe you would want 6 or 8 gauge wire depending on the distance. Use marine wire, which is tinned to prevent corrosion

as far as painting the inside - why? and same question for the outside, why?

It is an aluminum boat - does not need paint except for aesthetic purposes - use that time to fish instead.

Now if you are installing wood decks and such, they need protection

as far as a FF - get the best one you can afford
Trying to Fish as often as Jim works :LOL2:

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new guy with questions

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welcome to tb!!!!

i have never used grizzly grip but have used tuff coat and love it, if you got someone to paint the hull i would go with rustoleum, i have had good luck with it, as fish finders go i agree with ahab buy the best one you can afford, and it all depends on what you want it to do for you, gps, chartplotter, etc. as far as the batteries check on my signiture there is a handy lil chart that can tell ya plus need to know what you intend on running off the batteries? the whole boat or just trolling motors? need to know what kind of draw your gonna be putting on it to determine what size wire your gonna need to run. good luck
THIS THING USED TO FLOAT ... 21&t=20263, my 82 mirro build voltage drop, and wire size charts, pretty useful stuff!! not just for 12v either

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