Getting ready to make a purchase - need opinions

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Getting ready to make a purchase - need opinions

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Hello folks

I stumbled on this site about a week ago and I think I have read thousands of posts here now. Sure is a lot of knowledge to be gained from here and a ton of interesting things to read and pictures to look at. This is one of my favorite sites now!

I am getting ready to purchase my first metal fishing boat. I have had a ski boat and a bass boat in the past but I'm so over fiberglass boats. I'm now looking for something that will last for years to come. I intend to use my boat for fishing the river, running traps, fishing a 10,000 acre lake and dropping it into some of the quarry pits I have access to through my job.

Mainly it will just be my wife and I fishing and occasionally a 3rd person but the 3rd person will be far and few between. I am having a tough time deciding between a 1448 or a 1648 boat. I have a budget of about $3K and from what I have been seeing on Craigslist, that is very doable.

I have found some really nice 14 footers with newer 15hp 4 strokes in my price range OR some 16 footers with older 25-35hp engines in my range. So I am not really sure which to go with.. The extra room and larger engine (but older engines) or smaller boat & engine but newer engines.

I don't know how well a 15HP will scoot a 1448 along to my fishing hole. I certainly don't want to spend an hour getting to where I am going to fish.

The other concern I have is if the wifey would feel safe on a 1448 if the waves got a little rough on a windy day or a large wake came our way. A part of me feels that maybe the 1648 would make her feel a little more comfortable.

Any opinions from you guys that have fished from both a 1448 and a 1648?

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Getting ready to make a purchase - need opinions

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Welcome aboard!! My wife and I fish from a 1648 MV. We looked at a 1448 and a 1648 and my wife was much more comfortable with the 1648. You know what they say, "Happy wife, Happy life" :LOL2: . A 15 should scoot either a 1448 or 1648 along at a good clip as long as you don't add a ton of weight to the boat. I run a 9.9 and it's as fast as I need to go. (but then I lost the need for speed a long time ago :LOL2:)

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Getting ready to make a purchase - need opinions

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Even if its just you two most of the time I would go with the 16 ft. I think you would appreciate
the extra two feet.