Tin Building for Electric vs Outboard

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Tin Building for Electric vs Outboard

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I finally have a line on a local boat in good shape. A 12' V-hull with little on water use. I own a suitable sized outboard (8hp) but most of the local lakes are electric only. Luckily a 55# thrust trolling motor and two group 27 batteries are also in the stable.

So in planning for this new boat, are there things you would do differently knowing most of the time you will be using a trolling motor only? The Mrs. doesn't fish, and I do only on occasion but we spend a lot of time on the water. The major components at this point would be a bimini top, comfortable seats, and decent audio. The hard core fishing stuff like a live well etc are not a priority.

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Tin Building for Electric vs Outboard

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For the seats check Cabela's for thier "Big Man" seats. I have 2 in The Little Boat and they are the most comfortable I've ever used. Cabela's would also have the Bimini but bear in mind that when seated you won't have as much shade as when standing and if you shorten the uprights to accomidate a seated position then you can't stand without hitting your head. Check out some of the chair mounted umbrella options. May be the best of both worlds????
For the audio entertainment, keep it MP3 based with powered external speakers that are portable. Devote the 2, 27 size batteries to the trolling motor and interior LED lights if you go out at night....

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Tin Building for Electric vs Outboard

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I would double up on the TM (get at least one more) and another battery.

TM travel is slow and if your lakes have any size you can really burn daylight just going a few miles (say you can do 4 mph and have to go 2 miles - remember, boats do not travel in exact straight lines - you do the math)
Trying to Fish as often as Jim works :LOL2:

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