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Is anyone familiar with the Bail-R-Matic? After two days of heavy rain, I went down to the pond edge to find my Jon full to the gunnels. Many years ago I had a self-bailing drain plug in a 12’ Jon. It worked well. I googled and found the Bail-R-Matic which looks pretty solid compared to the one I had.
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I use almost identical version's of those on my jet ski, they work great especially on the ski where you may be taking on lots of water from jumping surf, etc. But it only works when you're on plane so make sure to have a bilge pump too if possible. oh also be careful to keep your boat clean, I had a piece of zip tie get caught in one of them and had several inches inside my ski, so they can leak, but on a jon where you can see them I would trust them more.

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I have something similar on my boat and will be replacing it in the spring. It gets clogged quite easily. If your boat stays on a mooring line there have been good reviews about this product: ... ?pid=63254

In no way do I represent the product or retailer just offering a possible solution.