Transducer Rooster Tail

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Transducer Rooster Tail

Post by moloch16 » 06 Apr 2015, 15:47

Has anyone had issues with the newer fish finders and their very large transducers kicking up a rooster tail when planing, giving you a good soaking?

I had an older Garmin that had a large transducer that did this, switched to a Lowrance with smaller transducer and no more rooster tail.

I want to upgrade to a newer unit with GPS/DI but the large transducers remind me of that rooster tail.

I found a post that said that when this happens it means the transducer was installed too low.

Just want to get some opinions before I drop $$$. I have a 14' Lowe Rover Jon.


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Transducer Rooster Tail

Post by mbweimar » 06 Apr 2015, 16:03

I have a Lowrance Elite-7HDI with the big dinner plate transducer. I notice sometimes it kicks up a rooster tail, but it usually happens only when I get some grass or junk wrapped around it while idling. Mine actually sits below the bottom of the transom. It looks like it would make a a hell of a rooster tail, but after adjusting it I find it reads the bottom very well at speed and no rooster tail.
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Re: Transducer Rooster Tail

Post by whitetailhntr » 07 Apr 2015, 08:43

Is there a gap between the transducer and the transom? If there is close that gap by wrapping tape around it or put a small piece of pool noodle foam in there to plug the hole and that rooster tail will go away.

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Transducer Rooster Tail

Post by jethro » 07 Apr 2015, 11:27

I have a newer Humminbird and it's a pretty flat ducer puck, doesn't seem to kick up much.
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