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Fire Extinguishers - Who Knew!??!

Posted: 25 Jun 2015, 14:41
by TexasLoneStar56

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That depends on what is on fire. Brakes catch fire on trucks also. You might have an engine fire. You may be involved in an accident and then stand guard with the extinguisher in case a fire pops up somewhere. If you catch it early you can fight it. The extinguisher will work on that. Back when I was driving tankers the company I worked for was very proactive in safety. They had us take classes that taught us fire safety. We actually got to use extinguishers to put out fires they had set up for us.
True. Didn't think about brakes or engine.

My Dad drove a truck for Wal-Mart, and farmed as well. I knew they had fire extinguishers. Years ago, a pickup rolled right in front of us. I waved down every semi that was on the highway to get fire extinguishers, as the pickup was upside down and on fire. Got the fire out, but the guy's neck was broken. He didn't make it, but at least he didn't burn up.

Another incident; we were traveling in our motor home, which had a fire extinguisher. Came upon a car that was on fire under the hood. Got stopped, grabbed the FE and put that fire out, before it blew up. They are good.

Fire Extinguishers - Who Knew!??!

Posted: 25 Jun 2015, 14:53
by TexasLoneStar56
I have to disagree with you. I know of a truck that caught fire at a Fuel loading rack while being loaded. I don't know the number of gallons the facility stores but it's wwaayy up there! The drive exhausted a 10lb and a 20lb extinguisher. He managed to get the fire out and probably saved his life and many many more by fighting it.
Man yes! There are probably thousands of gallons of fuel at one of those places. I am not certain on the size of FE. I know they come in several sizes. The smaller ones are what is in our boats, but a larger one was in our motor home. I know they have to be checked every so often to make sure they still have a charge. That guy was lucky, and brave. =D>

Fire Extinguishers - Who Knew!??!

Posted: 25 Jun 2015, 15:01
by TexasLoneStar56
nowgrn4 wrote:I have to carry one in our 17' Grumman canoe when I have a kicker on the sidemount. It's motorized and over 16'. :shock:
Keyword "motorized", or it is in Texas anyway. Makes sense, but I still stick to my guns about if our little 14' ever catches on fire, I'm bailing! I don't disagree with the law, I just didn't know about the "fake bottom" requirements. I do now!

FE are a good thing. I've seen them work and have used them. I've used baking soda on a grease fire a time or two! :shock: Hey, it works! Makes a mess, but it will put it out. :D

Stay safe out there and keep safety in mind. :D