BEST TinBoat Buy! Epoxy "sample" kit for only $18!

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BEST TinBoat Buy! Epoxy "sample" kit for only $18!

Post by DaleH » 07 Jul 2016, 12:25

There's been quite a few posts recently of people needing epoxy to cover various holes or damage. FWIW I grew up in a boat shop where we were weened on expoy products by West Systems, but it is expensive and you need pricey pumps for their mix ratios.

Years later - when I was doing my own work and thus paying for the epoxy products out of my own pocket :shock: I soon learned of epoxies from Raka Epoxy. Depending on amount purchased, I have saved anywhere from 50% to 33% off the price of comparable West System products. (Which ... don't get me wrong ... it is a darned good product and the marine industry owes a debt of gratitude to the Gougeon Brothers for pioneering the use of epoxies on boats).

But for only $18 you can buy the Raka epoxy sample kit from: . It includes 12-ounces of their standard marine epoxy resin 127, a sample of each fast 610 and slow 606 hardeners, a sample of silica and micro-bubbles fillers and lastly, a sample of standard 6-ounce fiberglass cloth.

Raka epoxy is also a simple 2-to-1 mix ratio of resin to hardener, so you can mix as little or as much as you need. I have mixed from bottle cap portions up to small bucket portions. And if you need any technical assistance, call Larry or one of the Raka guys, and talk to them. Raka are good people!

NOTE - if you need to mix a lot ... DO NOT put it into a cup or small bucket ... it (or ANY epoxy) will 'cook off' due to the heat generated and the mix will spoil before use and can catch fire! If you need large amounts, use large/wide cheap tin cooking pans or old cookie sheets with a raised edge. You need more surface area - not depth - when using large amounts of epoxy products for large scale layups, like when adding transoms.
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