Shiny aluminium, Decals and vinyl grafics

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Shiny aluminium, Decals and vinyl grafics

Post by MarcusBrown » 13 Jul 2016, 10:42

Hi, I got a 12ft v hull ally lightweight, it's got a band sticker on each side at the moment but id like to add a splash of colour by putting on vinyl decals. Is there any thing I need to consider. Was also thinking of putting just a dark vinyl coverage to the underside to try to take and hide some of the scratches I pick up as I launch / load from a concrete slip way into the river, any thoughts on this?
Also before (if) I apply the decals id like to buff up the ally. From work experience in car mechanics I know if you use a very fine wet n dry sand paper and metal polish you can get ally pretty chromed but again is there any side affects I need to consider

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Shiny aluminium, Decals and vinyl grafics

Post by Brine » 20 Jul 2016, 10:03

Try reaching out to our site sponsor "bulldog" (john) via PM on here or through the website at Vinyl Images - he is Da Man with vinyl

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