Rustoleum Topside... how's it holding up?

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Rustoleum Topside... how's it holding up?

Post by weweber3 » 15 Jul 2016, 09:33

For those that have use the Rustoleum Topside or other oil based enamel type paint... how is it holding up? Both the look and the performance of the coating?

Are you re-painting or touching up regularly? Are you seeing bubbling or problems with the boat left in the water for a few days?


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Rustoleum Topside... how's it holding up?

Post by Johnny » 15 Jul 2016, 13:17

boats are (or, can be) like sports cars - - -
depending on how you use them, store them, maintain them, yada yada yada.
how much spare time do you have to wash, wax and do the cosmetics.
depending on your area of the country: Florida, Arizona, Canada, Montana, Virginia.......
For us in Florida, most exterior paints do not last long if exposed to the
elements 24/7.... some people have the luxury of a garage or barn to keep
their boats in which will make the paint last a very long time.
The one time I used the Topside Paint it lasted about 2 years before needing
some touchups.... but, the boat was highly neglected during that time.
overall, yes, it is a good product - just depends on your situation.

so, to answer your question accurately, you would have to serve up more info
as to where you are in the country, is your boat stored inside or out.
do you use it for just spinning around the lake or like a utility boat bumping into
rocks, docks, people walking on it, etc ??

Read, Understand and Follow the instructions on the label
of any products you may use.
All about Primers =
Paint, Thinners and Applications =

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Rustoleum Topside... how's it holding up?

Post by lovedr79 » 15 Jul 2016, 15:46

Held up great on mine. Much better than the paint tracker used.
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