What's the best sealant for riveted seams?

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What's the best sealant for riveted seams?

Post by amuller » 22 Jul 2016, 15:42

Looking for something to apply externally to seams where there seems to be a gap between the sheets. What seems to work out best for this?


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What's the best sealant for riveted seams?

Post by DaleH » 22 Jul 2016, 16:22

I myself would clean/prep (and prime of you could) the area and would use LifeCaulk by BoatLife. It is as tenatious an adhesive/sealant as 3M 5200, but the tubes last 2-3X longer and tend to harden in the tubes like 5200 does.

Note I will readily admit that 5200 is easier to find, as even Walmart now sells it under their own name, look for "polyurethane adhesive" in the boating aisle.
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What's the best sealant for riveted seams?

Post by stinkfoot » 22 Jul 2016, 20:34

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What's the best sealant for riveted seams?

Post by lckstckn2smknbrls » 23 Jul 2016, 07:24

G-Flex is another good product.
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What's the best sealant for riveted seams?

Post by Johnny » 23 Jul 2016, 08:53

The Texas Lone Star I just bought a few months ago
has some loose/missing rivets and leaking seams.......
the P/O was fond of sealing things with Spray Seal,
Window Foam Sealer and Latex House Caulk . . . . .
so he says, "why not use that stuff on my boat"???
It is a shame that he did not know about this wonderful
TinBoats website !!!
I won't know what product to use until I get all his junk sealer
crap removed and start from scratch.....

You get lots of good advice for your issues - - -
Read, Understand and Follow the instructions on the label
of any products you may use.
You can also Google any product suggested here and read the
spec sheet prior to purchase to see what will fit your needs the best.
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