Floor Plans

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Floor Plans

Post by tna0066 » 21 Aug 2016, 15:35

Picked up a lund 14'. Has the "U" bench at the back then 2 more benches. This is going to be a winter project for me so i am looking at what others have done for floor plans. i was thinking of taking a bench out, however theyre riveted into the boat and do feel like doing rivet work. Thank you in advance.

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Floor Plans

Post by Johnny » 22 Aug 2016, 13:38

Welcome to our Bayou !!

your statement is a little confusing - - -
"they're riveted into the boat and do feel like doing rivet work"

do you mean you don't feel like doing rivet work ?

if you are going to remove anything riveted to an aluminum structure,
you must do something with the holes - - - replace with flat rivets, weld, or nuts n bolts.
I repaired several holes in the bottom of my '59 Crestliner using only aluminum
disks cut out of flashing material or soda cans and epoxy. Make a small dimple with
a ball peen hammer, sand down to bare metal, cut a disk a bit larger than the hole,
and epoxy into place..... sand flush, prime and paint. Eazy Cheezy up n Eazy !!
Some are over 20 years old and are still holding good.

PHOTOS will always get you more accurate information from the gallery.
All about Primers = http://www.tinboats.net/primer-and-paint-basics/
Paint, Thinners and Applications = http://www.paintingforpainters.com/

1959 Crestliner Commodore 14'
1959 Lone Star Malibu 14'
1958 Johnson 35 RDE-19 Sea Horse
1958 Johnson 35 RDS-20 Super Sea Horse

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